Moving from GAAP to Time-Driven-Activity-Based Profiting (T-DA-BP) turns the financial requirement for profit from the bottom line to the top line in plain sight to be acted on real-time, turning Profit/Pricing up-side right! Put Profit in front.

QPS’s PAS T-DA-BP reveals every planned engineered Profit/Pricing to be acted on into full view before the fact.

QPS’s PAS T-DA-BP has bridged the gap described in Drucker’s book, written in 2002. Our offering connects finance, starting with the chart of accounts on the financial side of the gap, between finance and operations and transitions it to T-DA-BP on the operation side of the gap.  This creates the bridge, described by Drucker, in 2002 to be addressed in the next two decades over 14 years ago. You only have a few years left to keep up.

QPS’s PAS has broken the information barrier and cracked the profit code creating the Rosetta Stone to Profit/Pricing. You have full visibility of Planned Engineered Profit/Pricing before the fact not after which is late 30 to 60 days plus inventory turns, tenuous allocations and adjustment infested financial data.  You only get what you measure correctly.  GAAP does not measure internal activities.

You purchase your profit from your employees so you better answer the oldest question on earth “What’s in it for me?” This is the only way you will truly realize innovation. Without innovation in the 21st century’s in the new global economy you will not be competitive. GainShare creates a high potential work force including longevity.  The costs to replace employees is astronomical.

QPS’s PAS T-DA-BP utilizing Profit Model, Profit Scheduling and “Tomorrow Today” has connected the dots between finance and operations.  With a toolset that allows operations to Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage and Reward for Planned Engineered Profit/Planning real-time. Including a full pull from Profit Pricing to Finished Goods Inventory at the activity level of every employee.