One Independent Data Stream of Precise & Accurate Profit “Under the Factory Roof” Information, Calculated and Displayed in Real-Time in the Cloud to bridge the gap between Accounting and Operations Enabling You and Your Workforce to Make More Profitable Decisions in Real-Time


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Filling the Gap Between Finance and Operations


In his book titled "Managing in the Next Society: The Information Generation", Peter Drucker states that the major challenge of business in the next two decades is "dealing with a 500 year old accounting system that is in terrible shape".  Drucker made this statement in 2002.  We are now in the second decade of his forecast.  How does your company intend to solve this problem?


Drucker goes on to say:  "Most businesses have two information systems: One is organized around operational data; the other, far older, around the financial information. This creates a fundamental disconnect between operations and finance.  And this hidden source of disconnect is all but invisible, unless you are already looking for it - which many organizations are now recognizing."


In recognition of the problems which Peter Drucker raised, Quantum Profit Science has created Applied Profit System (QPS-APS).  QPS-APS enables a new method of Accounting called “Operations Finance”.  “Operations Finance” bridges the gap between Finance and Operations using one independent source of data, streaming from the Cloud, displaying, in real-time, the actual adequate profit contained in your future and current WIP “Work in Profit”  ensuring both Planned Engineered Adequate Profit, Quality and on time delivery reside one data stream from the cloud.  


Produce "Better with Less"


Wouldn't it be nice to know your planned profit? QPS - Applied Profit System utilizing "Profit Modeling" ©TM, "Profit Scheduling" ©TM reducing your time to cash and improving throughput protect your planned adequate profit to “Produce Better with Less”.


QPS-APS gives you the Real-Time Adequate Profit Data you need to Plan, Schedule, Measure, Monitor, Manage and Reward for Adequate profit.  With QPS-APS you will transition your Standard GAAP P&L from an outdated and erroneous REAR VIEW source of data for Operations. . .  Into an actual FORWARD VIEW which enables TIME-DRIVEN ACTIVITY-BASED PROFITING.  This makes it possible for you to plan and schedule the actual profit of all activities under the roof of your company and residing on the critical path to adequate profit success.  With this plan and schedule you identify adequate profit waste before it reduces your bottom line, APS’s top line, better with less. No more running your company with inaccurate financial information that is one to two months, possibly one to two years or more, old. 


Real Time Engineered Adequate Profit the Life Blood of Business.

When this information is acted on in real-time it trumps all other forms of Adequate Profit Protection.


QPS-APS is a simpler, more powerful path to higher Engineered Profits. QPS-APS is located in the cloud, reporting real-time, and driven to the activity.  Now, you can access Adequate Profit information at the Speed of Thought for Fast, Accurate, Competitive and More Adequate Profitable Business Decisions including bidding, pricing.


Using unique quantitative methods based on lean and agile business practices, QPS-APS can give you immediate insight into and control of the planned, engineered, adequate profit specification  of each order issued to operations, every minute of every day.  Provided to every stakeholder in your company to address Adequate Profit constraints as they occur, not after the fact. Do you drive your car looking in the rear view mirror? Why should you run your company looking through a distorted rear view mirror?


QPS-APS’ adequate profit tools expose previously unplanned, untapped critical adequate profit information to provide a sound basis for making precise, accurate real-time adequate profit business decisions.  You take control of your business success, as never before. Data for both current financial and engineered adequate profit resides on one data stream located in the cloud.