It’s not poor performance its bad aim due to late financial information never intended to measure activities under the roof.


GAAP is for external reporting


The “Profit Assurance System” by QPS, is a

Time-Driven Activity-Based Profiting System

that provides an independent data stream of profit information for Internal Planning, Management and Reporting

Future Pricing Must Match Company Reality




The Necessity of Adequate Profit


The achievement of adequate profit is at once a measure of the excellence of products and an absolute necessity to the maintenance of the stability and existence of a company. Viewed from a product standpoint, profit is a reward for the risk of successful product creation. Products that are not adequately acceptable to customers do not command the profits necessary for their continuation.  The reverse is true for acceptable products.


The necessity of a Planned Engineered - Optimal Adequate EBITDA Profit (OAEP) Specification


Viewed from a Finance and Operations Planning Perspective, achieving Adequate Profit requires at least these capabilities which are Modules and Features of the Profit Assurance System (PASystem) by Quantum Profit Science.


  • PROFIT MODELING (module):  Knowing the Optimal Adequate EBITDA Profit  your Company could and should acieve Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly and Minute for each Purchase Order,  Work Order, Lot, and Activity.


  • Profit Scheduling (module):  The ability to plan, measure, monitor/manage, and reward Profit Performance.


  • Tomorrow Today (module):  Accurate Future pricing that is both Optimal/Adequate & Competitive while reflecting continuous improvement including Learning Curve.


QPS’s combination of the "Profit Modeling", and "Profit Scheduling" and "Tomorrow Today" applies mathematics to produce one number for you company: 


Planned Engineered Optimal Adequate EBITDA Profit  ("OAEP")


This one "OAEP", provides the metric setpoint that is necessary for making precise and accurate Operations calculations for the OAEP Planning, Scheduling, Measuring, Monitoring and Management.


To help you understand this idea, view these video clips extracted from the film "Money Ball"


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