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You should take our "TURN YOUR PROFIT UP-SIDE RIGHT" tour, created with 31 years of hands on experience.  We will show you the way to Capital Free Profit information highway on your Profit/Pricing Value Stream!

Two Button 4-D Cubed Master Profit Schedule and Internal Reporting Cloud Platform. Fourth Dimension Profit/Pricing Consumable Time a 21st Century Metric Utilizing Lot Sizing for Finite Master Profit Scheduling

Time consumption, and profitability, is now quantifiable and therefore manageable. Today's new generation companies recognize time as the fourth dimension. Competitiveness, as a result, creates flexible manufacturing and rapid-resource systems, expanding and increasing innovation. 

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Realizing 17.31% Capital Free Profit/Pricing a 350% Improvement Over the Same 5% Company Using QPS Real-Time Cloud Platform. Offering Requires 367% Less New Sales Including A 30% Increase in Pay for The Direct Labor. As Opposed to Today’s Historical Measurement Culture. A 20MM Company Requires $102MM Sales with Today’s Historical Measurement Culture as Opposed to $29MM Using QPS Real-Time Cloud Platform Offering To Produce 17.3% Profit. 


Hard work and dedication helped you grow your business to where it is today. If existing systems are impacting your growth potential, now's the time to take the next logical step. If you are not Interested go no further. Your time is far too valuable, or demonstrate leadership. You Own It!


Return Profit/Pricing to operations where it was before America lost 70,000 manufacturing companies and over 6 million manufacturing jobs. QPS’s cloud platform provides financial analytics derived from your company's 12-month consolidated P&L transitioned to Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing. Reporting real-actionable-time to all company stakeholders. This information comes from your future "Full Pull" not the past, residing on your Lean Value Add Stream.