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"Keep doing what you've done and you will get what you got!" Henry Ford

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QPS has created a knowledge platform from which profit can be rapidly advanced. We believe this is a variation on an old theme, on a new platform for a whole new direction for profit.  QPS calls it "old ideas supported with today's cloud technology". Put Profit in front not behind.


The target is not sales.

It is future engineered capital free adequate profit/pricing! 

Business should compete with world requirements not local competition.

You schedule material, on time delivery, and most all other events.

Why not profit?

The easy answer, GAAP is anti-lean with no idea what profit will be until 30, 60 days and and up to 6 months (inventory turns) after the fact.  Also they aim at COGS not PROFIT/PRICING!

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Kaikaku is a rapid change as opposed to Kaizen which is smaller incremental changes.  Kaikaku is evolutionary while Kaizen is revolutionary.

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GAAP was never intended for internal measurement.  GAAP was created for external reporting. Profit Constraints occurring from GAAP are removed.


We in manufacturing have been burdened with a faulty decaying financial measuring system that is anti-lean.  After 31 years of addressing, with hands on experience, a new platform to take your company to the next logical step in a whole new direction of profit acceleration is provided.

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