QPS Schedules Planned Engineered Profit and Attaches Parts Required to Support Full Company Capacity

Value Proposition

More Profit per Sales Dollar

Better with Less

The New Economy Requirement

Capital Free Profit/Pricing

Sales & Revenue in Dollars
Break Even
Actual Sales

Total Sales                       $22,957,847

New In-Fill Sales              $ 2,994,501

In-Fill Capital Free Profit $ 1,587,085 53%

Original Sales Profit        $    980,200 4.9%

New Total Costs               +10%

The Green In-Fill Sales of $2,994,501 contains $1,587,085 Capital Free Profit

New Variable Costs   +5%

Variable Costs

New Fixed Costs       +5%

Fixed Costs

Based on Finite Blocked Schedule Idle Time Reduction

Based on Improved Company Wide Capacity, Support by QPS Planned Profit Velocity "PPV"

The system provides real actionable time on every profit constraint creating cause and corrective action real time producing significant reduction in profit lost sunk time.  Bottom line in 2 to 3 years producing 53% capital free sales/profit.

Why chase 102,280,855 sales with 4.91% profit and pass through break even every Friday at 3:03 pm. With QPS offering capital free infill sales of $29,011,398 produces 17.31% profit passing through break even every Thursday at 9:12am. 

The two concepts create 17.31% new capital free profit and 367.0% less new sales.

Which margin of safety, sales, and profit requirement do you want?